People All Over The World: Hop On The Pancake Train

I love me some pancakes. Who doesn’t right? There is something cozy and reassuring about them. They are like the gregarious old grandpapa of breakfast foods. They always make you feel at home.

Despite my love for them, it is not often that I indulge in pancakes. Like their distant cousin, the donut, they seem too “fattening” for everyday occasions. If there is anything American culture is good at, it is making you feel guilty for eating delicious food. We’re talkin’ serious Catholic guilt (and if you’ve never experienced this, count yourself lucky).

But I think it is time we say to hell with these arbitrary food rules we impose on ourselves. (Please forgive me if I am only speaking to myself here). Instead of running through the nutritional value of everything we eat, maybe we should spend some more time actually preparing what we eat. Listening to your body and knowing where your food comes from is the best diet around. So, let’s slow down our Paleo/Gluten-Free/Juice fasting frenzied world for a second and take a lazy morning to re-group. That’s right. Let’s all throw some lemon, yogurt and blueberries  in a bowl and stir it up like Bob Marley. Are you with me?



These pancakes are a dream. Best pancakes I’ve ever made, hands down. The ingredients are also worth mentioning. There is no bleached flour or processed sugar in these bad boys. Nope, these pancakes are made of substance. They ain’t no floosies. They are sweetened with organic maple syrup and Greek yogurt keeps them moist. Oat flour boasts fiber and antioxidant rich blueberries add tang and color.

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Don’t have oat flour? Not to worry! I simply ground up some oats in a food processor. It is as easy as that.

For best results, I recommend staying in your pjs to make these with a cup of hot coffee close by. (Also, turn up some Miles Davis or Os Mutantes. Divine cooking music. Groove away!)



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I hope you can find the time to make these for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Serve outside with some quiet. Cheers!

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