I’ve been living many lives

I’ve been living many lives lately
dipping into one
only to move onto the next
I can be a Vegas party girl one week,
a tame and mild Midwestern daughter the next
I can scoot on over to new countries
and fall right into a new rhythm
lay back into their kinda flow
I can find myself in a daycare,
surrounded by rooms of screaming children
and imagine how it would be to have a kid
and live that life
I soak up time with my single friends
and wonder how it would be to cut all ties
and play the field
I find freedom in imagining all the possibilities
assuming identities, trying on new cultures
walking like a ghost through realities
stalking my~self~
and chasing it away,
only to find it anew.
A life of revolving doors that
I walk with a tenuous faith,
a translucent strand that slackens, bends,
draws tight,
taking me somewhere
or nowhere at all
but giving me something to hold onto
while I walk through all these rooms.

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