Facial Impressions

Sometimes words get in the way.

They fail to capture the essence of a feeling. They confuse you.  They throw their 2 cents in and make emoticons necessary. They always have a perspective.

Of course, they have their place. Words are art. They create poetry and they make magic. They give The Beatles a ticket to ride and Johnny Cash a line to walk. They have the power to move a person, a nation, a world. But this change is only possible if actions follow the words. Alone, words will always fall short.

Words cannot create peace because they cannot grasp a hand. They cannot hold you close. They cannot dance you into ecstasy. Ultimately, words cannot look you in the eye and listen to your story.

And how often do we actually listen to the stories that surround us?  The stories of our colleagues, our teachers, our strangers. The faces that we interact with everyday. Do we really notice them?

It is time to wring out the mind. That tricky thing is always drenched with information. It seeps into every thought, constantly yapping away, dripping with words. It is time to let the words fall into a bucket and wait for the ripples to still.

When the movement stops, take a look. Listen to people, old and new.

Hear their voices.

Try their words on for size.


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