Siren Song

Today’s post is centered around two singular inspirations that, in my mind, feed off of each other . Yesterday, I read Ezra Pound’s famous poem, In a Station of the Metro. Pound said that he was inspired to write this poem from sudden glimpses of beauty he saw one day as he exited the train (read about it here).

This theme also carried over into a Ted talk I listened to today about the art of seduction and how we can use it in our every day lives. Seduction is a concept that has been tainted in American society. Tainted by images of seedy sexual encounters or manipulative vixens working for questionable goals. We tend to reserve seduction for the bedroom. But it doesn’t have to be viewed in this light.

Wouldn’t the world be better if we all seduced and were seduced a little more? Seduced by the beauty of a shadow. Seduced by a graffitied face on a flaking wall. What if we all looked strangers in the eyes more and walked with a little more fluidity and swagger? What if we did that scary thing and shared our true feelings and intentions with people more? Sounds like more fun to me. Pretty sure Beyonce would have my back on this one.

Here’s to finding your daily seduction..


Photo of me by the amazing, Sarah Christensen Photography. Check this girl out! Clothes from Never Buy New vintage.



Photo of me by Sarah Christensen Photography. Clothes from Never Buy New vintage.



Photo by Ed Luna


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