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As much as I like to pride myself on being an active and motivated human, most of the time, I wind up being a complete and total homebody (not that the two are mutually exclusive persay..). I have a love-hate relationship with this truth. Because while a big part of me loves being social, going out, doing things, experiencing the world and living my “best life”, the other part of me, the one that usually wins, is the part that stays at home every night, Internet browsing, reading, getting cozy with my cat and watching Netflix. With all of the messages out there saying 20-somethings should be going out and partying until they drop, living it up “while they can”, sometimes I can get pretty down on myself about my penchant for staying in. But, in the end, I know that’s a silly way to feel, and it’s something I’m learning to accept. So while I’m working on processing that, I thought I’d share with you some of the glorious fruits of my hermit ways. Below, I give you all of my favorite Internet discoveries as of late. I hope that maybe I can introduce you to something new and wonderful and all of my whiling away can be further justified in the process. ;)

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  1. This beautiful piece by Anthony Lister found via one of my new favorite clothing lines, The Line By K (found on their Insta).
  2. I have never been one for beauty tutorials, but @violette_fr has made me a convert. I quickly fell for her tasteful Youtube videos and soon found myself ordering lipstick and eyeshadow left and right. She’s got enviable style, a french accent and that cool-girl sixth-sense that manages to keep all elements of a look in balance, never over-done, never trying too hard.
  3. I’ve been admiring Nini Nguyen‘s style ever since stumbling across her on Instagram. She’s somewhat of a regular on street style blogs and accounts, and I’m taken by her quirky, bold looks.
  4. The powerful and striking art of Tschabalala Self.
  5. As you may have noticed, I’m on a bit of a fashion kick, and @sitasunar has been fueling it further. Check out her looks on her blog, Cocolett.
  6. I could devote a whole post to my podcast obsessions, but a new one I’ve been enjoying recently is Kind World. This podcast showcases random acts of kindness happening in our world, necessary listening given the current political climate.
  7. The paintings of Andrey Remnev are gorgeous.
  8. Everything Issa Rae!! So I know I’m really late to the game here, but after binge-watching The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and Insecure this week, I’m an Issa Rae super-fan. Check.her.out. Also, the soundtrack to Insecure is uhhmazin, I mean they have the goddess, Solange, as their music consultant so of course it is.
  9. 13th is a chilling and important documentary currently streaming on Netflix. It explains the current criminalization of African Americans in America, connecting all the dots from slavery until now. It really should be required watching for every American and concerned world citizen.

Did you find something that caught your fancy? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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