Thought Bubbles: the familiar weight of anxiety

We’re all just trying to move beyond that empty void that sits in our stomachs, rising up as an unwelcome poison when the anxiety gets to be too much. It presses its clammy hands on our shoulders and we do our best to ignore its presence, shrugging it off and chugging forward with inept strides.

We chase it out as it wraps around and drops off the corner. For a second, yes, we think, we’ve conquered it once more…only to say hello again once we make it around the slicked down bend.

It slips in and out as we wait for actualization, reminding us of all that we’re not. But this is it, another voice says as we mull it over. These are the moments that feed its power and steal our strength. And maybe, just maybe, if we can breathe out now, right now, maybe we can feel it. We can take it in like a warm drop of nectar and watch it dissolve into the solution.

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