Geranium Eyelashes

Sometimes you just need to hear a phrase like “geranium eyelashes.” Geranium Eyelashes. What does it mean? I’m not sure that it makes a difference. Sometimes the sound of words themselves is all that matters. The wondrous wordsmith, Anais Nin is responsible for this phrase. Isn’t it lovely? As you may have noticed, I am somewhat obsessed with her writing lately.

I’ve let the fluidity of her words wash over me this past week. In a time where everything in my life is rushing fast, her poetry feels soothing. I let it flow through me and try to remain still. If only for a few minutes before I slip into sleep…

Enjoy these truths from her essay, “A New Woman.”

Sensky082013-Collage 1

Sensky082013-Collage 2

Sensky082013-Collage 3

Sensky082013-Collage 4

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