Let life flow through you.

Words that come to mind as I’m sitting on a bench at a train station,

letting the sun warm my face,

bleed webs of orange through my eyelids,

feeling my stress slowly start to slide away.


I can’t do anything now,

so why not listen to the seagulls and their squawk,

feel the sun and its warmth.

why not try to let myself be ok with the late afternoon,

with not having “done anything” with my day,

with the slowness of this train stop in this small seaside town.


Try to enjoy, not chafe, from the pace.

Try to enjoy and embrace that people here, with their slower ways,

may have it more figured out.

Think about how maybe they’re more in touch with their days.

..or shrug,

say, you know, or maybe they aren’t –

because who has it figured out anyway?

who really knows



Hit pause on the thoughts –

go back to the seagulls,

and the sun,

the way your hair moves with the wind.

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