Connecting The Dots

At times, I feel like my mind is a  game of pinball. My thoughts ping up and down, back and forth, with no apparent pattern. Lights go off sporadically as I am constantly inspired, brimming with ideas of things to do and places to go.  Welcome to my downfall.

My constant inspiration inevitably brings me to choice paralysis. What should I do first? What activity is the best use of my time?  Where should I live? (one day it is Singapore, the next Berlin) I am envious of those annoyingly centered people. You know the ones. They know what they want. They set their sights. They go out and get it. Simple, clear-cut, direct, like they have some Zen Pandora station continuously running through their subconscious. Any level of this Zen, Buddha state is what I strive for. (By the way,  props to you if you are one of these Buddha people. Mad props.)

With time, I believe the indecision will ease. Purposeful, uber-productive days may be more in my grasp. But, then again, maybe they won’t. Maybe this is my nature, and if that’s the case, why fight it? I am learning to see the beauty in my pings of inspiration (as I will now dub them). I hope you enjoy a sampling of my most recent ones:

Post070413-collage 2

“I want to get to the cleanest, fundamental ‘flat line’ of who I am and then meet people as a person rather than as a style or an image.” -Bee Walker (from here)


“But now it’s absolutely clear that a sustainable planet is one that’s completely connected.”- Bill Moggridge


“She has seen a part of the world inaccessible to many, to those who move from day to day and only notice what is outside themselves.”-An excerpt from my friend’s final capstone piece.


“It’s about subtraction, rather than addition.”-Joshua Skenes (from this article)


I recently listened to Steve Jobs famous commencement address (watch here), something he said struck a chord; “We can only connect the dots when looking backward.” Now that this post is complete, perhaps I will notice some lines.

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