Banana, Oatmeal & The Kitchen Sink

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Baking is my thing. Or one of my things at least. I use it as a release and as a way to satisfy my vicious sweet tooth. So, indulge me as I share my creations on here from time to time. I hope you enjoy.


These cookies came to fruition as a result of over-ripe bananas lying on my counter and from a little Momofuku inspiration. If you haven’t heard of the Momofuku Milk bar, I suggest you check it out. This bakery ranks pretty high in my mind because of two lovely words: cereal milk. Yep, it is just like what it sounds. Christina Tosi, chef and owner, brilliantly decided to infuse milk with cereal and use it in her creations. Awesome.

Another one of their specialties is a “compost cookie.” The beauty of this cookie comes from throwing a bunch of random ingredients together in a frenzy of salty/sweet bliss. I decided to follow suit.

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I adapted my banana oatmeal cookie recipe from here. Then, I crushed up some dark chocolate covered pretzels and threw in some white chocolate chips for good measure. The result was chewy with a hint of salt and just the right amount of banana. I was pleased.

[gmc_recipe 1221]

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