Magic and Orange Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones

Some nights are just pure magic. Just a fresh breath of unexpected, mixed with ecstasy and plenty of “oh my god, me too!” moments. When everything just clicks, planets align, life collides and you have the feeling that some greater power conspired for the turn of events to happen just as they did. It’s not that those moments themselves stand alone as spectacular events, it’s the combination of all the elements and the intense feeling of comfort that comes with believing that everything was meant to happen.

Whenever I have those “fall into place” moments, I try my best to bask in their glow the next day. To remember those pure feelings while the embers are still burning. Holding on to those glowing high points can make the normal mundanity of life seem more manageable. After all, without the mundane moments, the magic couldn’t exist. It’s all about that balance.

But I do have one proven solution for re-creating magic on those days when it is stubborn to come.

What is the solution? Scones, of course!

Today I bring you orange and dark chocolate buttermilk scones — a simply divine combination. Trust me. You have to make these tender wonders.

Orange & Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones

Here’s where the scone magic starts, with a little orange zest, pink sea salt,  pre-sifting art   and the best part of our house, our green back porch.

Pittsburgh Back Porch Nature

And now, behold the post-sifting beauty.



After you gently knead the dough and mold it to your liking, you are almost there. Nearer to the tasty magic.


Here are the little babes straight from the oven, about to be devoured. It was all I could do to add a sprig of green. I was watering at the mouth (and may have had to deem one un-photogenic just to satisfy my craving).

Orange and Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones

One more shot of the puffy golden crusts that hide the soft and airy insides. The combination of the tangy citrus and rich dark chocolate is the ultimate flavor pairing. My roommates soon made these vanish.


A peek into a piece of my magic from the other night (i.e. a new long lost sister/friend + a dive bar straight out of Cheers+ talks of the universe and life=I’m a lucky lady)

I wish you joy and scones on your Sunday!

Wonderful recipe from my fav, Joy the Baker.

[gmc_recipe 1826]



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