5 travelgrammers doing it differently

It’s no secret that Instagram is a treasure trove for wanderlust inspiration. With more and more travelgrammers (Instagrammers who travel) popping up every day, it’s easy to find a plethora of travel content to flood your feed, but finding intriguing travel content — the kind that perks you up to something new or something you hadn’t thought to ponder — that’s a different story, and definitely more difficult to find. So instead of waiting to happen upon this special variety of travel inspo, take a scroll through a list of my favorite travelgrammers below; a collection of the ones who will awaken you to new thoughts, new places and, perhaps, a new way of looking at the world.


FaceHunter_Yvan Rodic_Travelgrammers who are doing it differently_fashion bloggers capturing the unique

Yvan Rodic | @facehunter

Yvan Rodic is a fashion and culture hunter who travels the globe in search of the most creative entrepreneurs, travelers, artists and risk-takers he can find. His stories and posts are a stylized glimpse into fashion-forward culture around the world. In addition to eye-catching imagery, he also weaves history and cultural trivia into his stories and posts, as well as frequently featuring short interviews with designers and makers. Plus, the inventive design of his Insta-stories can’t be beat.  

Mathilda Mennen_Travelgrammers who are doing it differently

Mathilda Mennen | @mathildamennen

Mathilda Mennen is a junior doctor based out of South Africa who is often escaping into nature for road trips and weekend adventures. Her feed is a refreshing look into the realer side of life; full of touching stories, gentle words and dreamy photos. You’ll leave feeling a little lighter, a bit more in tune with the things that matter and with a sneaking urge to run away to somewhere secluded and peaceful as soon as possible.

TheCatchMeIfYouCan_Elizabeth Sensky_Travel Instagrammers Doing it Differently_Not the same boring Instagrammers

Jessica Nabongo |@thecatchmeifyoucan

Jessica Nabongo is on a mission to be the first black woman to travel to all of the UN-recognized countries in the world. So while she may share some of the usual travel blogger shots, her mission keeps her grounded and her realness comes through in what she shares and how she expresses it. As of writing this, she’s been to 129 of the 195 countries and has only about 10 months to go. Her mission is centered around normalizing people of color’s existence in the world. She admits that it is a sad and crazy truth that this still needs to be done today, but that it’s our reality nonetheless. Follow her journey and bear witness to her insights and experiences from all the spectacular places she’s visiting.Luna Zorro_Travelgrammers who are doing it differently

Molly Berry | @luna_zorro

Molly Berry is a San Franciscan living in Antigua, Guatemala with her husband and two young children. Luna Zorro is the name of her online shop where she sells beautiful, handwoven Mayan textiles. Her feed features the Mayan artists who craft the textiles and is rich with the sun-drenched color and texture of Central America. Traveling frequently throughout the region, she’ll give you lots of ideas for your next getaway while inspiring you to move a little slower, taking your time to get to know the locals in whichever small town you find yourself. Her feed may also tempt you to pick up one of the lovely scarves or blankets from her shop as well.

The Atlas of Beauty_Mihaela Noroc_Travelgrammers who are doing it differently

Mihaela Noroc | @the.atlas.of.beauty

In case you haven’t discovered her already, I couldn’t leave without mentioning Mihaela Noroc’s gorgeous feed dedicated to the stunning beauty of women around the world. With a focus on showcasing the diversity and unique cultural background of each of her subjects, Mihaela travels in order to illustrate just how much beauty exists on every street in every city across the globe, how we are all so different but the same. Her page is sure to introduce you to little-known countries and the vibrant traditions they hold.


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