You Got Your Cherry Bomb

I love the ease of a good friend. You know you have found one when the silence can breathe. No one is thinking about what to say next. You can just be. Now that I think of it,  this is a good description of home too.

I am blessed to have a handful of true friends in my life. But lately I have also been considering how one can cultivate the comfort of a true friend while alone.

I’ve realized that, for me, another way to instantly feel that internal release, that place where my inner self can slip into some pjs and call it a day, is through baking.

Example: I often buy fruit with the thought, “If this starts to go bad, I can just bake something with it.” Is this a sign that I have a problem? Probably so, but I’m okay with it. We all have our vices, and at least this one can bring pleasure to others ;) So, let’s make things easy like a piece of cake, or in this case, a slice of browned butter cherry bar (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it..but hey it’s the best I got right now).



A buttery, whole-wheat crust is littered with ripe and juicy cherries and topped with a rich brown butter custard. Awuh yeah.

(p.s. In case you are wondering what the hell brown butter is, it is just like what it sounds. You cook  butter on the stove until it turns brown. This changes the flavor to a more fragrant and rich caramel likeness. In other words, it is damn good).

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Post080713-Collage 2




The results were tasty! Not too sweet with a crispy, substantial crust and a creamy, tart filling. Have any left-over fruit? I suggest giving this a try!

[gmc_recipe 1082]

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