I Want to Make You Feel

Do you ever want something so bad your body aches for it? When that raw feeling courses through you and touch is the only communication you crave. No sentences, statements or questions. No clunky clauses that can never fully express your meaning, tools of humanity that are imbued with humanity’s imperfections. Our bodies are the wise elders, while our language is only in its youth, full of errors and reckless beauty. Our physical selves have been tried and tested by nature, movements sharpened by evolution and the hard proof of time. Words, meant to communicate our boundless hopes and fears, our thoughts and ideas, are doomed to fall short. They will forever be distorted by our judgments, past experiences and limited perceptions of the world.


But when words are all you have, when touch is miles away, the right ones can make you feel something. The right words can send a chill down your spine and make your arm hair stand on edge. The right words can cut through the bullshit of everyday existence and go straight to the essence of our pain.


I’m aching today, and I want you to feel it too. I want you to feel the passion that makes these words flow out of my mind and through my hands to this page. So here’s my attempt, and inevitably it won’t be enough. But it’s something. Some words and images that go deeper and get closer to that pure, raw, unfiltered feeling of life, that in moments like these, I miss so much.












All excerpts taken from the book Soul, an absolutely beautiful project by I-D. The book is a collection of images, words and essays that capture the things in this world impossible of capturing, the things that sustain us and can never be bought.

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