New York Has Cheesecake, I Have Biscoff


This week, cheesecake was on my mind (for Ray Charles it was Georgia, apparently for me it is cheesecake). Correction: Biscoff and cheesecake was on my mind — a wicked combination. Ever since my friend turned me on to Biscoff spread last year, I have been a devout believer. These Belgian airline cookies (Delta used to hand them out on flights) are crunchy and caramelized wafers of yum that have now also been converted into a spread of peanut butter-like consistency. Brilliance. If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of Biscoff, you best head over to World Market and change that immediately. Cookie in a jar, enough said. Phew, Biscoff rant complete.


I decided to try my hand at a classic: the New York cheesecake, with a slight twist in the form of a Biscoff cookie crust. New York doesn’t mess around, especially when it comes to cheesecake. This dessert is known for its dense yet fluffy texture as well as its substantial height (a springform pan is a must). It wasn’t until I began reading the directions for this recipe, that I realized it is quite a project. So be warned, you will need most of an afternoon for this one. But I have to say, it is well worth the effort.


The trickiest part just comes down to the actual baking of it. Know thy oven. I clearly need to get a bit more intimate with mine seeing how the top of my cheesecake came out a shade too brown. For my first try though, I was pleased overall.


We currently have an abundance of strawberries at our house (thanks Costco), so I whipped up a simple strawberry topping to complement the cheesecake. Perfection. I suggest you do the same, unless you are some kind of cheesecake purist.


The result was everything you’d want out of a cheesecake. The texture was fluffy and moist. The flavor was pure with a hint of vanilla. The quality of your ingredients really comes through with a recipe this simple so try not to skimp.

I read a quote this week that speaks to the beauty of this dessert; “simple things, done right, are the best.” Precisely. Enjoy!

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