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Another round of images, ideas and words my mind has been steeping in as of late. Take a plunge, immerse yourself.

“When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there.”

– George Harrison


“The truth carves out an openness in you you previously weren’t able to access.”

– jotted down hastily on my iPhone while listening to a now unknown podcast.


“Cruel optimism flowers in the shade cast by the overhang of an unresolved past over an absent future.”

– Gabriel Winant from We Found Love in a Hopeless Place 


“There are times when it’s clear to me that by getting and spending, we lay waste our powers, and times when, say, the apricot velvet headboard against the lavender wall of a room in an old hotel fills me with a mysterious satisfied pleasure in harmonies of color, texture, atmospheres of comfort, domesticity and a desire to go on living among such color and texture and space and general real estate. There are times when I believe in spiritual detachment, though there was a recent occasion when I bothered to go take a picture of my old reading armchair to the upholsterer’s around the corner to see if it can be made beautiful again and worry about whether charcoal velveteen would go with my next decor. There are times when I enjoy the weightlessness of traveling and wish to own nothing and afternoons when I want to claim every farmhouse I drive by as my own, especially those with porches and dormers, those spaces so elegantly negotiating inside and out, as though building itself could direct and support an ideal life, the life we dream of when we look at houses.”

– Rebecca Solnit from the essay Inside Out, Or Interior Space.


“The world changes faster than we can fathom in ways that are complicated.”

– a strikingly simple truth from Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist

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